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Military Aircraft Tow Tractors

The MB-2 and U-30 aircraft tow tractors are currently in service with the US Air Force at air bases throughout the world. The MB-2 and U-30 are military versions of the conventional tow tractors currently offered to JBT commercial airlines and ground handling customers.

All tractors come with a heavy-duty chassis and a notch-backed, sloped rear fender design that offers the tractor operator excellent rear visibility during towing operations.

Outstanding Features Include:

  • Notch-Back Design for Optimized Rear Visibility
  • Removable Ballast for Added Flexibility
  • Fulltime 4-Wheel Drive
  • (3) Steering Modes: 2-Wheel, 4-Wheel Coordinated, Crab
  • Easy Access to all Major Components for Lowering Operating Costs
  • Park Brake Inhibit System to Protect from "Driving Over" Parking Brake
  • All Weather Cab with Heater/Defroster

Military Aircraft Tow Tractors

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