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GSE Green Solutions

Airlines and ground handling companies are facing ever increasing pressure to reduce the level of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions from their operations. The pressure is the result of governmental regulations and mandates, environmental objectives, employee health concerns and mitigation measures associated with airport expansion plans.

This is occurring at the same time that the diesel fuel used in the majority of ground support equipment (GSE) is reaching record high prices. Alternative fuel GSE can provide a solution by reducing GHG emissions and lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

JBT AeroTech has a long history of developing and manufacturing alternative fuel GSE with particular expertise in electric powered vehicles. This experience includes passenger boarding steps, conventional aircraft pushback tractors, transporters, and Commander cargo loaders.

Our approach to alternative fuel vehicles has been to design modular GSE capable of being powered with a variety of different power sources. The use of identical operational controls makes the difference in the power source transparent to equipment operators already familiar with our diesel powered GSE. We also offer an easy electric retrofit for existing equipment whenever possible.

The Commander 15i electric was designed to maintain all of the key features and benefits of the Commander 15i, while introducing the unique features and benefits of an electric loader. The design includes two standard 80 volt batteries, a maintenance free AC drive motor, powered hydraulics and a hydrostatic drive system.

The UES-2 and the EUROstep are available as electric powered passenger boarding steps. The EUROstep is a self-propelled passenger step designed for universal use with the capability of servicing aircraft with passenger doors of all aircraft from the B737 to the rear doors of the A330/A340. The UES-2 is also self-propelled and designed with the capability of servicing the passenger doors of all aircraft from the B737 to the rear doors of the A340. Both models are purpose-designed specifically for this application.

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