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Ground Support Equipment

Providing Innovative GSE Products for over 50 Years


Unique products reflecting the innovative spirit of our founder John Bean were first introduced to the GSE industry in 1960, when the FMC John Bean Division developed the UBL container loading system to service Boeing 707 and 727 passenger aircraft.   The UBL system included an elevating container loader, aluminum containers, container dollies and an onboard aircraft tracking system that could be installed or removed in less than 30 minutes. 

The UBS loader was the first of many innovative JBT AeroTech products that have had a big impact on aircraft ground servicing operations including: 

  • The custom chassis, LA-1000 deicer, the first deicer to spray hot deicing fluid on aircraft surfaces.
  • The efficient JCL-1 loader, introduced with the Boeing 747.
  • The reliable, robust MDL-60, the first wide body aircraft main deck loader.
  • The totally modular Commander loader introduced the HeliRoll® convey system, swing out power module and powered bridge wings. 
  • The AirFirst™ forced air deicing system reducing glycol use by up to 70%.   
  • The Tempest deicer with its purpose built chassis providing the most efficient and safest solution for aircraft deicing.  
  • The Aircraft Proximity Detection system reducing the potential for loader operator’s damaging aircraft.


JBT AeroTech’s innovative products, with their unique designs and revolutionary operating features, have provided the global aviation industry with more efficient and safer aircraft servicing operations for over 50 years.

The Ground Support Equipment range includes:


Loaders and



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