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» Solutions » Business Units » Gate Equipment » JetAire® Preconditioned Air

Jetaire® Preconditioned Air

A solution to reduce operating costs

Jetway PCA

Installed pre-conditioned air units:

         - Saves airlines hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel consumption

         - Reduces pollution created by aircraft

         - Eliminates extra vehicles on the ramp reducing congestion and saving on operating and maintenance costs.

JBT AeroTech Jetaire® units can cool

         * Aircraft avionics

         * Passenger cabin

         * Cargo area

         * Baggage store

         * Spot-cool brakes after a hot landing or

         * Ventilate the aircraft fuel tank during aircraft maintenance.


JBT AeroTech offers Point-of-Use and Mobile units to service different types of aircraft. There are also configurations available for military use.

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