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Airport Services

Airport Services: Dedicated maintenance service provider.

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Airport Services

Airport Services: Dedicated maintenance service provider.

Airport Services: your partner in Aircraft Support Equipment Maintenance 

Airport Services is an industry leading, dedicated provider of Maintenance Services to Airlines throughout North America. 

Our expertise comprises:

Gate Systems maintenance and repair, covering bridges, 400Hz, PC Air, Bag Slides, and Visual Docking Guidance System.

Baggage Systems maintenance and repair and covers - claim and re-claim devices, sortation systems, control systems, transfer belt systems and inline inspection systems.

Facilities maintenance and repair and covers - HVAC, fire alarms and suppression, lighting, structural, plumbing and carpentry.

Ground Support Equipment maintenance and repair and covers all motorized and non-motorized GSE equipment.

Technology Services centered around our iOPS™ (Intelligent Operations Performance System) Suite - iOPS links JBT’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and aircraft avionics data from ACARS to critical ground-based monitoring and tracking systems on gate equipment, baggage handling systems, and GSE. iOPS changes the way airlines do business by allowing real-time tracking and management operations.

Equipment Status & Reliability Surveys incorporating physical studies of installed equipment and the generation of reports covering reliability, compliance with industry standards of safety, compliance with OEM service bulletins and the generation of budgetary repair/refurbishment proposals to return the equipment to industry standards.  When requested, we will recommend the replacement of equipment and will provide budgetary information on the cost of replacement.

Our maintenance services cover the full range of service from 24 hour, 7 day per week on site service and emergency call out to periodic maintenance of equipment based on technical visits quarterly, semi-annually and/or annually with supplementary emergency support and call out as needed.

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